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Henry Wilkinson

Henry Wilkinson was bestowed with the gift of sound education. At thirty years of age he joined the business of his father, James Wilkinson. It can be seen on Circa 1840- the double barrelled percussion belt pistol, that the company moniker was now know as ‘Wilkinson & Son’.

Henry was well aware of the world of arms technology and innovation. Working closely with many contemporaries of note both in the world of sporting and military arms, he soon expressed a passion and skill reminiscent of Henry Nock. Two of his early successes were the very early breach-loading carbine of 1832, ‘The Clanricarde’ and ‘Vivian’ carbine, a double barrelled weapon for the Irish Constabulary. Henry Wilkinson equated his peers in gun making. His exceptional knowledge of arms and his inventive genius were attributes he would dedicate to the pursuit of sword making which eventually lead the business to an unrivalled reputation in this art and ultimately the company changed its name to ‘Wilkinson Sword’, thus including the weapon sword in its name.

In 1819 Henry married Margaret Elizabeth Champion and along with his father and mother lived at Ludgate Hill, London. But by 1827 he moved with his family to Brompton Square in West London and shifted the business headquarters to 27 Pall Mall, just next door to the offices of The Board of Ordnance. This is a pure example of his sharp business acumen.In 1841 at just 40 years of age Henry’s wife Margaret died. In 1844 the company was joined by John Latham, who as an accomplished swordsman brought practical perspective to the sword making business. Wilkinson & Son continued to grow and expand under the leadership of Henry and the capable assistance of John Latham.

After Henry Wilkinson’s death in 1861, John Latham had continued to run the company with great success.Thus history is a witness to the fact that the dexterity and ability of Henry Wilkinson was the equal of both his father and grandfather.