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History of British Military Bugler’s Sword
The Roman pattern Buglers Sword is inherited and which is a version of Drummer’s sword, being made in 1895 and was first approved in 1856. These british military swords are manufactured from the polished steel but it was later declared as outdated in the year 1903. From the 1901 research on swords the fact was made out that all the swords, is it buglers or drummers sword, every sword needs to be sharpened before going on to the service. You can buy swords online from Windlass Sword, who is a great manufacturer of such swords since 1943.
By the end of the 19th century, bugler sword came into existence. The “Paulet Group” of the 68th light infantry, painted it in 1840 which shows that this pattern is being carried out by the buglers. These swords are rare and can be considered as purely perfect ceremonial swords because they are not intended to act as a combat weapon. Since such swords are unique so it is good to have them as a collectible in our inventory and of course they were favorite from the British past time.
Different infantry regiments use special versions like the line infantry regiments uses brass-hilted version whereas rifle regiments uses the iron hilted version. The bugler sword scabbard can either be made of leather or it can be made of steel or brass, so that sword can be carried out easily.
The sword of 1856 or you can say Bugler/Drummer sword had 19 inches blade and the ecusson was decorated with the royal symbols. These swords are very heavy and they continued till1904 when drummer’s sword was reserved. Many previous members of the forming regiments of The Rifles, their associations and individuals have requested to sponsor a Bugler’s Sword.
The Cutlers Sword associations/society organizes events to identify the young regular drummer and this event happens every year. Whosoever is the winner receives the prize either a drummer’s swords (gilt fittings) or bugler sword (nickel fittings). The sword has beautiful engravings of the winner’s name and date on it.