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The Rifles' Sword with Scabbard


Due to the supremely stable design of the Rifle's Sword which consists of a straight carbon steel blade embellished with the regimental crest, it set a standard among swords which was later adopted by the All Guards Regiments. It set a landmark thanks to its excellent majesty design and pattern.

The exquisite nickel-engraved steel guard of the Rifle Regiment Sword is carefully pricked and embellished with a scroll pattern that inculcates the regiment's very own cypher in lieu of the Royal cypher. Likewise, Guards Hilts exhibit their own particular cypher in the hilt.

The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire. This magnificent piece of work is available in a beautifully nickel-plated steel scabbard for formal full dress occasions.


  • The Rifles
  • The Royal Gurkha Rifles' Sword


    • Blade length: 825 mm
    • Blade width at hilt: 25 mm