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FS Knives with Presentation Box


FS Knives are one of those rare knives that have a great history behind them. It is said that during the war stricken times of 1940, Captains Fairbairn and Sykes met at the offices of Wilkinson Sword to discuss and revamp the design and pattern of a knife, which later on became popularly referred to as the ultimate Fighting Knife of those times. The knife designed by them post their discussions went on to develop into three different patterns and design (The one depicted in the image is the 2nd Pattern).

It is distinguished by a narrowing pointed blade of diamond section which is just 7 inches long. This piece of work has been carefully ground on both edges. Another characteristic of the FS Knife is it's simple cross-guard which was 2 inches wide and remains in design till date. The knife is accompanied in a leather scabbard with a blackened metal chape with an elastic strap retainer and a pair of 'tabs; intertwined to the scabbard, hence allowing the possessor to sew the scabbard into his uniform clothing.

A lesser known fact about the FS Knife is that it was never intended as a throwing knife; nevertheless, the FS Knife is perfectly balanced and easy to handle due to its agility and strong build. Definitely being a landmark design amongst knives, the FS Knife as mentioned earlier, brings with it a rich culture, heritage and tradition, hence making it the ever-classic Fighting Knife. We are one amongst the very few manufacturers worldwide to create the FS Knife according to the 1941 drawings and specifications.


  • Blade length: 175 mm
  • Blade width at hilt: 23 mm