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Cavalry Officers' Sword with Scabbard


The cavalry sword boasts of daring lancers highly adept in the art of warfare. The 1912 Cavalry Officer's sword is a version of the Trooper's Sword of 1908. It was the last model of Cavalry Officer's Sword to be adopted.

The guard of the sword features delicate engravings. The detailing and authenticity of this sword is enhanced by its carbon steel blade which is magnificently etched including the regimental crest. The nickel plated steel guard features an elegant honeysuckle design.

The uniquely shaped black fish-skin grip, wired in silver-plated copper, is capped with a stepped pommel.

The double ringed scabbard is available in leather Sam Browne and nickel plating, for service and dress wear respectively.


  • 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
  • The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
  • The Royal Dragoon Guards
  • The Queen's Royal Hussars
  • 9th/12th Lancers
  • The King's Royal Hussars
  • The Light Dragoons
  • The Queen's Royal Lancers


  • Blade length:895 mm
  • Blade width at hilt: 25 mm


Cavalry Officers' Sword : 8465-99-973-6875

Brown Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-127-9991

Nickel-plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6851